May Expenses – $1092.06

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for May.

















These expenses were higher than I would prefer.  The transportation expense was up because I bought all the gas and got an oil change for my GF’s car since I’ve been using it daily to get to the medical study.  My entertainment expense was high because I bought my plane ticket for my hike and spent $80 gambling.  Even without that it would have been too high.  Both these categories should go down this month.  Food should go down a little also because it represents what I spend on lunches out and snacks  which are things I need to cut down on.  The debt category will go up.  Last month I somehow didn’t have a payment due.  I would have sent in a payment anyway if I had realized that.

My goal of having my yearly expenses under $10,000 is looking unlikely.  Once I start hiking my expenses will go down but I don’t think that will be enough.  I might be making a big purchase soon which will completely blow my expenses out of the water but will result in much lower expenses in the future.

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