Goals Review and December Goals

At the beginning of this year I made three goals for this year. They were to incur no new debt(other than student loans), improve my blogs, and to lose twenty pounds. The year isn’t over but I’m going to wrap up these goals now. The first goal was easily met and I don’t plan on incurring any new debt ever again. The second goal was also met. This goal is somewhat subjective but I have increased my readership on this blog from under 100 readers to occasionally over 300 readers. I’ve also increased my online income overall by an even bigger percentage. I feel it is fair to say that I’ve improved my blogs. The third goal will not be met. In fact I will most likely end up with negative progress on this one. With the holidays coming up I will likely gain weight rather than lose it. This goal will be revisited next year with a specific plan for losing weight.

I’ll be out of school for most of December so that is a great time to get stuff done. I’ll be setting a couple of goals for myself and hope to get more done than that. My first goal is to write an article a day for either Associated Content or eHow. That should give me a good idea of how much time I should spend writing for these sites in the future. My other goal is to build two static websites. I’ve had the ideas and the domain names for these websites for several months now but haven’t gotten around to building them. I don’t have time to start another blog but I’m hoping that once these sites are up they will produce a little income and rarely need to be updated. I’ll probably add to these goals before the month is over but I need to do these at the very least.

5 thoughts on “Goals Review and December Goals”

  1. Congratulations on achieving your goals. I would encourage you not to give up on losing weight.

    Don’t put this goal off to the new year – start now with healthy and restrained eating. If you continue a training program leading to being able to participate in a marathon and are conscious of your food intake you can make progress towards your weight loss goal by year end.

    Good luck!

  2. Yay and yay for 1 and 2!

    As for 3, Couch-to-5k worked for me, insofar as I could do the program and lost 30 pounds with it. Good luck!

  3. I haven’t given up on losing weight but I know I won’t make my goal for this year. I just ran a half-marathon but I didn’t lose any weight because I did almost no training for it.


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