Surviving Christmas

Christmas is not my favorite time of the year.  Last year I wrote about how I had managed to mostly  opt out of Christmas.  I am not going to be so lucky this year.  With the addition of a GF this year I’ve also picked up several more Christmas obligations.  We will be attending four different family Christmas gatherings.  My GF will be doing all the additional Christmas buying (except for my gift for her of course) so I don’t have much more obligation in that sense.  I’d still rather receive no gifts and give no gifts but in order to stay sociable with family and friends I have to participate in Christmas at least on a minimal level.

1 thought on “Surviving Christmas”

  1. Hi TFM

    I am not a christmas lover, its not my favourite time of year, what a lot of people dont realise is that for some people christmas is one of the most lonliest times of the year. I just try to ignore christmas and hope it goes away. IMHO Its just an excuse for the masses to engage in mindless consumerism.


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