The Dollar Double Cheeseburger is Ending

This is the last week that the double cheeseburger will be on McDonald’s menu.  The price will be going up to $1.19.  They will be coming out with a new $1 sandwich called the McDouble.  It is basically a double cheeseburger but with only one slice of cheese.

The double cheeseburger was a favorite of mine and  it probably contributed to much of my weight gain.  I think I’ll be passing it up now for the McDouble though when I’m buying food at McDonalds.  And that probably won’t be very often.  Since I get a free McDonald’s meal every week I do not plan on going there other than for my free meal.

A dollar double cheeseburger was a frugal choice for eating out.  When you consider that you could eat cheaper and healthier at home though it probably wasn’t a very good choice.

2 thoughts on “The Dollar Double Cheeseburger is Ending”

  1. How sad. The double cheese burger will be missed even though they already had removed too many pieces of ingredients already. Maybe this is the triggering point for me to start eating healthy instead of crap food when I travel. I think I’ll find a supermarket and head to the deli instead then.


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