Opting Out of Christmas

It is that time of year when people start giving me things I don’t really want or need and in exchange I have to buy them something they probably don’t really want either.  The entire gift-buying thing is crazy to me.  That is why I’ve opted out of it.  I just tell my friends not to buy me anything and in return I will not buy them anything and we’ll come out even.  The only person I get a gift for is my mother because she will get me a gift even if I tell her not to.  The concept of Christmas without gifts doesn’t work for her.  This works ok for me because I still retain a little bit of the gift-giving tradition of Christmas without having to get into the crazy gift-buying thing.

5 thoughts on “Opting Out of Christmas”

  1. My husband and I started opting out of Christmas in 1995. It’s been one of the best things we ever did. No more December mall drama and tacky presents to sneakily throw out.

    Of course, for most people Christmas is all about the presents (and little else). So, it may be a hard sell.

  2. I agree with the TFM.
    I buy my family and friends little tokens og love and appreciation all year round. If you have to wait until Dec. 25th to tell/show me that you love me Keep it Some people think I’m nuts because I don’t care about wrapping the gift or if my gift isn’t wrapped when I receive it. I’m not going to use he wrapping paper so why go to the extra expense.I enjoy the fellowship/food the most


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