How to See Movies Cheaply or Even Free

I love movies and watch a lot of them. Here is how I manage to do it on the cheap.

For DVDs I mainly use Redbox which I have posted about before. Now it is an even better deal.  When you sign up for their SMS alert system they will send you a free promo code every Monday. This month they are also sending free promo codes on Wednesday. Since the codes are good for each credit card you have I sometimes rent two movies using different cards and then have one to watch on Monday and one to watch on Tuesday. As long as I remember to return them before 9pm the rentals are free. Luckily, I have a Redbox that is only a three-minute walk away. We also have a $5 Netflix subscription to allow us to watch movies that aren’t available on Redbox.  Our cost per movie for Netflix and Redbox together is well under a dollar and even under 50 cents if we watch more movies than usual.

The other new thing I discovered this year is seeing movies cheaply by taking advantage of store promotions.  I’ve been taking advantage of these all summer and I haven’t had to pay full price -full price means full matinee price,of course- for me and my GF’s movie tickets yet.  An example is on this Slickdeals thread.  If you buy 4 Axe body wash or spray at Walgreen’s you get 2 movie tickets free.  The cost would be a little less than $7 making your movie tickets less than $3.50 each.  And you get to use the product as well.  I wouldn’t normally use Axe but I will to take advantage of this deal. If you can get a deal like this for a product you already use then it is like getting the movie tickets for free. I just go to Slickdeals once a week or so and do a search on the word “movie” to see what promos are available. I shouldn’t have to pay full price for a movie ticket for a long time.

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