Redbox: I’m Loving It

You probably already know this but Redbox is an automated DVD rental machine that allows you to rent DVDs for $1 a night. The Mcdonald’s near me got a Redbox a couple weeks ago. I’d read about Redbox before but until now there hadn’t been a Redbox close enough to me to make using it practical. Now it is providing me with very cheap entertainment. The rental is already cheap at $1 a night but after renting just two DVDs they sent me a promo code for a free rental. Doing a Google search for “Redbox promo codes” revealed even more free rental codes. Since the codes are good once per credit card by switching cards I should have free movies for the rest of the summer. The only drawback is I keep buying food at McDonald’s. Once I stop doing that this will really be a good deal.

4 thoughts on “Redbox: I’m Loving It”

  1. great post! i am a huge redbox fan as well.

    as a matter of fact, my partners and i just launched a social network called yesterday. feel free to check it out and let us know what you think. we think it’s a great place to swap free movie codes and meet people who love redbox.

    stop by and let us know what you think.

    thanks, steve

  2. Instead of making the extra trip to McDonald’s, I use the machine from The New Release in my local Kroger. The New Release charges $1 per day for new releases. They recently announced that they will be carrying older, classic titles (ET, Godfather, etc). I bet this initiative with have redbox scrambling to keep up! You can find the machine closest to you by going to The New Release website:



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