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A passing score on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam(MPRE) is required for admission to the bar in most U.S. jurisdicitions. Missouri is one of the states that requires it and I took the exam yesterday.  You can take the MPRE before or after you take the bar exam.  Most law students take the exam in either their 2L second semester or during their 3L year so they will have one less thing to worry about when studying for the bar exam and fulfilling all the requirements for admission to the bar.

Most (all?) law schools require you to take a Professional Responsibility course which covers much of the same material that will be on the MPRE.  I would strongly advise anyone who needs to take the MPRE to take it when they are taking the Professional Responsibility course.  This way the studying you do for Professional Responsibility or the MPRE will serve you for both.  This will make taking the MPRE much easier.

I took my Professional Responsibility course this spring but didn’t take the MPRE then because I wasn’t sure if I would be continuing in law school.  Once I knew I was staying in law school I registered to take the August MPRE.  I thought I would still remember most of the material I learned in Professional Responsibility and be fine for taking the MPRE but I had forgotten a lot already.  I’m hoping that I passed the test but not taking it in the spring is looking like it might have been a mistake.

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  1. Thanks for posting your insights on what works best and also those that don’t work as well. both are beneficial!:)

  2. Hey you were one step ahead of me! I took the MPRE a week after the bar exam and failed it (even though I passed the bar!). It’s not as easy as some people say it is and my Professional Responsibility class didn’t prepare me at all! Don’t distress, you still have time to retake it if necessary.


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