Alternative Income: Paid Writing

This is another way to earn some extra money.  There are a few ways to do this.  In the past I used PayPerPost and Blogitive to get paid for blog posts.  I didn’t do them on this blog and had a blog that I used primarily for paid posts.  The good thing about these programs is that you’re guaranteed to be paid a certain amount for your blog post.  The bad thing is that you’re usually writing about something you have no interest in and your readers don’t either.  A loss of readers could end up costing you more than you make.  These programs do require you to have a blog to participate.  I have made over $650 from PayPerPost but I gradually quit using the program last year.  Now that the blog I was using has lost its page rank there aren’t any opportunities available to me anymore so I won’t resume using the service.

Another program I use is Associated Content which you can use whether you have a blog or not.  They pay you a certain amount for each article you submit and then a little bit more depending on how many page views you have.  I haven’t used this service much but I plan to use it more this summer.  Since I’ll be working for free during the week I need to find a way to supplement my income.  I can submit articles based on my blog posts so it doesn’t have to take much time to write an article.  You can read my articles here.

2 thoughts on “Alternative Income: Paid Writing”

  1. Never heard about Associated content so far, would be interesting to hear your results (I would not expect them to be too great, but good luck anyway).

    Another options are to write articles per request on freelance sites (low pay) or to find posting gigs at job board. I am sure there are even more ways of course.

  2. I should have listed the freelance sites also. Of course there are many more ways as you stated, I just listed the ones I’ve tried. If anyone has used any others or done freelance work I’d be interested in hearing about it.


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