Alternative Income:Ads On Your Incoming Calls

It has been a while since I’ve posted about any alternative income streams. There is a new service called Brring! that allows you to get paid when your friends call. You play them a 10 second ad before the call forwards to you. Basically you set up a phone number with Brring! that forwards to your actual phone number but first plays the ad. You get paid $0.05 per call but right now they are paying $1.00 each for the first ten calls.

I’ve just signed up for the service so I can’t vouch for how well it works yet. Even though I’m a Tight Fisted Miser I consider it a little tacky to try to make money off my friends calling me. I plan to use this number for anybody other than friends and work. It will be nice to make some money off the telemarketers for a change. They are also paying $1.00 for each referral you invite. I’m going to give this service a try and if it doesn’t work than I’ll just stop using the number. If you’d like to try it you can sign up by clicking on the banner below.

8 thoughts on “Alternative Income:Ads On Your Incoming Calls”

  1. I’ve been “enrolled” for about a month. The quality of the message is not all that great, and is, indeed, pretty obnoxious. I, too, am giving out the number to folks I suspect would sell to a telemarketer. Last night a credit card company tried to call about something. Pretty entertaining to realize they were being as annoyed as they are annoying! (When I spoke with a rep, I simply said it was a number used to forward calls as necessary. Made $2 off them!)
    Nice side benefit is their caller ID which I don’t have on our phone, being, well, stingy.

  2. My first thought when I saw this post was “Ooooh, that will lead to some major annoyances for telemarketers! Awesome…” I am glad that they offer some insurance that you can turn the message off for people you know, because I would not feel comfortable with my friends and family having to listen to an ad just to call me.

  3. oh wow… how annoying, but pretty cool to make money from getting calls. How do they track fraud? I mean, couldn’t I set this up on my home phone and then just call from my cell 50 times a day? Seems like they would try to discourage that.

  4. WOW- I’m sure they have some kind of limit on calls from one number in a day or some other way to detect fraud. There probably are lots of people coming up with schemes to cheat some money out of the deal though.


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