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I disclose my income and expenses each month on this blog. There are many bloggers who disclose their online income,alternative income or passive income but there aren’t many that dispose their total income. LuLuGal at is disclosing her income and finances for this month at least but I don’t know of any bloggers besides myself that regularly disclose their income. There are also quite a few bloggers who disclose their net worth monthly. Disclosing your income is apparently more taboo than disclosing your net worth. I’m sure there have to be a few bloggers that disclose their income. If you know of any please leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. I disclose my monthly income through my budget and have been doing so pretty much since I started blogging. It gives me an accountability of where I spend my money. I also disclose my net worth.

    The one item I don’t do is tell my coworkers where to find my blog, since I don’t need them complaining to management about my pay (or management complaining about my “moonlighting”).

  2. Thanks for listing me here TFM. I actually do a daily income and expense post every other month (because I do like to give my readers a break from my mundane finances….but when I stop they email me and ask me to continue posting) in addition to all my how i save money posts.

    I do not post the last day of the month because that is the day I actually get paid and I don’t want to disclose my salary (yet…now when I start raking in the big dough as a blogger that will change!!!) 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t know what to post for “income” each month 😉 I calculate my NW daily as all my investment accounts are priced daily online, so it’s easy to post monthly NW figures. Income is a lot more difficult to pin down – I get a salary, but I “salary sacrifice” around half of it into my SMSF (retirement fund) to save taxes; I get dividend income, but since I use gearing via my margin loans this figure isn’t really “income” as it’s balanced out with my margin loan interest payments. For me, net worth is a more concrete figure (although it’s not a precise quantity since I include estimates of my real estate, and don’t try to estimate tax liability or brokerage costs that would arise if I liquidated my investments).

  4. Enough Wealth- I don’t consider any investment returns income until I cash them out unless they’re guaranteed. The definition of income can be flexible.

    Flexo- I have seen your monthly updates before but forgot about them. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. I want to disclose my income but it’s really my husband’s income and he feels weird about that, so I leave it out. Although since I pretty much disclose how we spend every dime. So if someone really wanted to figure it out they probably could. I have disclosed MY income, the whole $100 a month I earn!

  6. It did take me by surprise to see how many pf bloggers go into details about their debts, income, net worth. I think there was a New York Times article on that about a year ago.
    Then again, a lot of bloggers are writing under screen names.
    I have an unusual arrangement: I’m blogging as part of my newspaper job, under my newspaper byline, and everybody knows what town I live and work in.
    I figure my readers, especially the local ones, can pretty much guess what our household income bracket is based on the references I make to our lifestyle and my family.

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