How Much Electricity Do You Use?

My last month’s electric bill was $17.27.  This is very cheap but since electric rates vary around the country vary I’m interested in comparing cost for kWh used.  I used a total of 118 kWh over 32 days for an average of 3.6 kWh/day.  This is about as low as I think I can get my electricity usage but I might be able to get it slightly lower at my new apartment.  How much is your bill and how much electricity do you use?

2 thoughts on “How Much Electricity Do You Use?”

  1. Funny that you should write about your energy bill today. So did I. Last month our Kwh usage was 848, down from 874 the previous month. Of course, we’re a family of four in a 2,300 sf house and I’m home all day as a stay-at-home, work-at-home, school-at-home mom 🙂

  2. My 10/19/07 power bill was $284.67for 1920 kilowatt-hours. That’s down from $208.69 for 1960 kWh, billed on 9/17/07. Both billing periods included 110-degree days. I have an 1865-square-foot house and a swimming pool; AC kept at 80 or 82 in the daytime (do have to jack it down to 78 at night so I can sleep), CFLs in every fixture that will accept them, little or no TV (and TV on a light switch so it can be turned completely OFF), pool pump running a minimal number of hours, and lights always turned off when leaving a room.

    However, last March the bill was $64.00 fpr 700 kWh, with a gas bill (heating–we had freezing temperatures during that billing cycle) of $105.51 (summertime gas bill, with a gas stove & water heater, runs about $25). So…gives you a clue what it costs to make summertime in the Valley of the Sun tolerable.


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