Alternative Income: Paid to Search

I get paid for doing searches through  This doesn’t add up to much so don’t expect it to be a significant source of income.  I’ve made a little over $20 so far this year.  It doesn’t take much time to do the search when I’m online anyway.  The search results aren’t as good as Google but they are reasonable.  I had a membership with Slashmysearch also but I earned even less with them and they had spammy search results so I decided to use Moola only.  Moola also has several games you can play against others to try to win money.  If you would like an invitation to Moola I have three available.

7 thoughts on “Alternative Income: Paid to Search”

  1. Uhm… the search results are spammy because *that’s how it works!*

    Come now… the Pay Per Click industry has been around for years. I used to own and operate a PPC search engine myself. Where do you think the money comes from?

  2. I use Moola too! I started to play the games and now I just do the search. I got only $10 so far and I cashed it out. I am not relying on it as a source of income because I seem to only be getting 2-5 cents when I spin each time.

  3. Jake- I know that is how they pay for it but Moola manages to have some valid content with the spam. At slashmysearch it seemed to be nothing but spam results and they usually didn’t even have anything to do with the search.

    Lulu- I usually just get 2-5 cents a spin as well but every once in a while I’ll get 50 cents or more. My best spin so far has been a dollar.

  4. I’m interested! I’m really into saving money by the pennies, which you can witness if you see me walking into the grocery store with my coupon books.


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