Setting a Self-Imposed Deadline

Since returning to school for the fall semester I have not had a job choosing to make all my money online. The idea was that with my free time I could increase my online income to the point where it completely replaced my job income. I did make some initial progress in increasing my income but still fell well short of replacing my job income.

This semester I only have class one day a week. This results in me having even more free time than I did last semester which should translate into getting more done. I’ve found the opposite to be the result. I’m getting almost nothing done because I don’t feel any urgency to do anything. I am a habitual procrastinator and don’t usually start working on a project until I feel the pressure of a deadline. I all have day to get things done now I just keep putting them off until I decide to do them tomorrow. When tomorrow comes the cycle repeats itself.

My idea to solve this is to give myself one month to make a dramatic improvement in productivity or I’ll get a part time job. I’ll continue to do my work online, I would just do it around my job schedule. Maybe with this deadline I will force myself to be more productive.

If anyone has any suggestions, tips, tricks, hacks, blog posts, etc. on how to increase productivity, increase motivation, or reduce procrastination I would like to hear about them.

What’s Your Worst Financial Habit?

Mine is procrastination.  It has caused me to delay saving for retirement, looking for a job, finding better deals, etc.  It affects a lot more than just my finances though.  I should have aksed what is your worst habit is that affects your finances.  Procrastination also causes problems with my school work, exercise,blogging, and just about every aspect of my life.  That is how I had no school Wednesday and still didn’t manage to get a blog post done.

This Monday I was stressed out because I had delayed two projects until they both had to be done that day.  I could have easily had them done before Monday and spared myself the stress and ordeal of working all day on them but I didn’t.  You’d think I’d learn from this but that hasn’t been the case in the past.  I might do a little better for a while but then I’ll start letting things slide and eventually I’m procrastinating as bad as ever.  I have a lot of things I want to do but I never seem to have time to do them.  I know I could do more if I would just stop wasting time putting off actual work.  I’m sure there is some way to cure this habit but I haven’t gotten around to looking for the solution yet.