Setting a Self-Imposed Deadline

Since returning to school for the fall semester I have not had a job choosing to make all my money online. The idea was that with my free time I could increase my online income to the point where it completely replaced my job income. I did make some initial progress in increasing my income but still fell well short of replacing my job income.

This semester I only have class one day a week. This results in me having even more free time than I did last semester which should translate into getting more done. I’ve found the opposite to be the result. I’m getting almost nothing done because I don’t feel any urgency to do anything. I am a habitual procrastinator and don’t usually start working on a project until I feel the pressure of a deadline. I all have day to get things done now I just keep putting them off until I decide to do them tomorrow. When tomorrow comes the cycle repeats itself.

My idea to solve this is to give myself one month to make a dramatic improvement in productivity or I’ll get a part time job. I’ll continue to do my work online, I would just do it around my job schedule. Maybe with this deadline I will force myself to be more productive.

If anyone has any suggestions, tips, tricks, hacks, blog posts, etc. on how to increase productivity, increase motivation, or reduce procrastination I would like to hear about them.