June PPC Campaign Results

I ran a PPC campaign for my site BankBonuses.com during June to make a little extra money. I’ve run PPC campaigns in the past with mixed results. I usually make either a very small profit or a very small loss. I’ve been making adjustments to hopefully make my PPC campaign consistently profitable.

My initial results for June were disappointing when I examined them at the beginning of July. My revenue from Adsense and Chitika were a couple dollars less than what I spent on Adwords and I had no affiliate sales. My goal is to have my ad revenue equal my PPC expenditure and any affiliate sales will be profit. As it turns out I did have an affiliate sale in June but it didn’t post until a few days into July. I also found out that I had a couple of $25 Wachovia Visa gift cards in the mail for referring new customers. I don’t have any way of tracking where the referrals came from so I am going to guess that one was generated at Bank Bonuses and the other one was generated by my eHow article on the Wachovia $25 referral bonus. These unexpected earning combined to create a nice profit for June.

I’m running the PPC campaign again this month. I’ve already made an affiliate sale although it is for a smaller amount due to a promotion they have running this month. My ad revenue is running slightly higher than my PPC expense and I’ve made a couple more Wachovia referrals in addition to a couple of ING Electric Orange referrals. Even if I don’t make any more sales I will once again have a nice profit this month.

Even though I’m making a profit the past couple of months it still isn’t a lot of money. There are lots of things I could do to improve my site and my PPC campaign. I’ve been reading ShoeMoney’s PPC course and once I’m finished I will be implementing some ideas from the course. If I can be consistently successful with this PPC campaign I will start some more campaigns. I’ll keep you updated on my results.