What's Up with Google/Feedburner?

Is anyone else’s Feedburner stats messed up?  It looks like other blogs are having their stats reported correctly but mine are way off.   Last week my subscribers went from 257 to 199 overnight and then up to 292 the next day.  This week they’ve gone from 278 to 174 in two days.  I don’t think I’ve done anything to alienate the readers so much that they would unsubscribe in such large numbers. When I go to Feedburner my number of visits isn’t being recorded at all.  I suppose it is something to do with Google absorbing Feedburner and the numbers will eventually be accurate again.  The numbers aren’t really that important but it stil annoys me.

I wish Google didn’t have so much control over everything.  They stripped me of my Page Rank last year and it doesn’t look like they’re ever going to restore it.  I resisted putting Adsense on here for a long time but I’m sure that I can use the revenue more than Google.  I’m trying affilliate links instead of Adsense this month but they’re way behind what I made from Adsense.  I’ll probably put Adsense back next month.  If Google is going to annoy me I might as well make some money from them.