January Expenses – $1666.82

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for January.


January’s expenses were a little high, mainly due to having to pay my annual bar fee of $410.

Entertainment expense was for one month Amazon Prime subscription, one month Hulu, one month of Peacock and a visit to the movies.

Rent was $115 for our apartment in Chiang Mai.

My transportation expense was only $1.71 for a couple of songthaew rides.

My food expense was $259.65 That is divided between $125.23 for groceries and $134.42 for restaurants. This expense will be much lower this month since I’ll only be buying food for myself.

I paid $9.95 for a replacement sim card. I lost my US sim card when switching from my Thai phone service.

Utilities came in at $114.38. This was for electric and internet in the U.S.

The household expense was mainly for my annual bar fee, but it also included a haircut, a gift, and some household items.

Travel expense included $214.62 for 2 domestic round-trip tickets in Thailand. I paid $16.54 for a Bangkok hotel. And I paid $196.91 for some long-distance taxi rides and some shorter transit rides.

I provided $115 of support to my wife.

This month’s expenses should be lower since I’m not expecting any large expenses other than my car insurance renewal. How was your month?

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