September Income – $2838.36

Here is a breakdown of my income for September. Sorry for the late posting this month. The wifi is extremely weak in my room here in Thailand making it inconvenient to get this posted.

Cash Back$91.25
Bank Bonus$0
Mystery Shop$0
Ebay/Other Selling$110.32

September was an okay earnings month since I had job income for most of the month.

Dividend income came in at $37.38. If you sign up using my Robinhood referral link we will both get one share of free stock. Thanks to anyone who signs up using my link. Every little bit helps.

I received $91.25 in cash back income. If you sign up for Rakuten using my referral link you can start earning cash back too and I’ll get a small bonus for referring you. These little bits of referral income help me keep the blog going.

Interest income was $26.78. The rising interest rates are helping this a little plus I received a small windfall which I’m keeping in savings for now.

Job income was the big source of income coming in at $2572.63 for the month.

Ebay and other selling income came in at $110.32.

It was a solid income month again. I’m now in Thailand and will not have any job income which will result in a much lower income total for this month. How was your month?

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