February Income – $4470.76

Here is a breakdown of my income for February.

Amazon FBA$45.15
Bank Bonus$50
Other Bonuses$15
Online Income$1213.14
Ebay/Other Selling$81.99
Tax Refunds$691

February was a great income month. I had a couple of big boosts to my income, one of which was entirely unexpected.

I received $691 in tax refunds. I had to pay Missouri, but I got money back from my Federal and Kansas returns. My refund amount wasn’t as large as most years since I received quite a bit of unemployment income last year and didn’t have tax withheld from most of those payments.

I got an unsolicited offer to buy one of my domain names that I’m no longer using. I happily accepted an offer of $1250 for the domain. After fees, I received $1213.14. I thought that domain might be worth selling. I didn’t have any idea it was worth that much or I would have tried to sell it sooner.

I made $1664.17 from my doc review job for two weeks of work. I should have four paychecks this month so job income will increase this month.

My Amazon FBA side hustle made a tiny bit of money.

I made $15 from filling out a survey and a referral bonus.

Dividend income came in at $16.03. I bought quite a bit of new stock in my dividend portfolio last month that should result in increased dividend income in the coming months. If you sign up using my Robinhood referral link we will both get one share of free stock. Thanks to anyone who signs up using my link. Every little bit helps.

I made $81.99 selling stuff on eBay and elsewhere.

I also received $131.45 in cash back. The big portion of this was my quarterly Rakuten cash back.

Lastly, I received $4.83 in interest and $558 from unemployment.

I expect March will be another great income month although not as great as February. How was your month?

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