February Expenses – $708.81

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for February.


My February expenses were once again quite low as there were no unexpected expenses and I didn’t spend much on my usual expenses.

Entertainment expense was for a one month digital subscription to the New York Times, a discounted month of CBS All Access, and a movie ticket plus popcorn and soda. The movie made up the vast majority of that cost. Although I liked the movie I don’t think the overall expense was worth the cost. I probably won’t be going to the movie theater again for a long time.

The mortgage payment was my regular mortgage payment. I did pay extra on the mortgage, but I’m now considering that savings rather than an expense so I’m not including it here.

Transportation was all for gasoline. I had a trip to Kansas City at the beginning of the month and I filled up my tank on the last day of the month even though it was almost half full. Other than the trip to KC I barely drove at all in February.

My food expense was very low. I splurged a bit the last few days of the month since I knew my food expense would still be quite low. The combination of being busy with work and freezing cold temperatures half of the month greatly reduced how often I went out for fast food or to buy junk food.

My phone bill was normal. It included the last month of paying for my phone. This month my bill will still be about the same. After that it should be around $26 most months.

Household expense was for a Sam’s Club membership, a small gift, and a small charitable donation.

Health expense was for health insurance, some medicine and gym dues.

There was no travel expense for February and there probably won’t be any this month. I hope I can do some domestic travel next month.

I have some planned spending this month that will likely increase my expenses this month to a little above $1000. The sub $1000 streak can’t last forever.

How was your month?

2 thoughts on “February Expenses – $708.81”

  1. Nice job keeping your expenses low! Mine were higher, but income was $7,000 higher than expenses so no worries there. We’re moving at the end of March so my house expenses will drop in April and moving forward. I wish there was a way to get my food spending lower but the keto diet requires expensive substitutes like almond flour and sugar alcohols. After I move I am thinking about joining Planet Fitness or a similar gym. Do you use your gym membership much?

    • When your monthly expenses are $7k lower than your income you are doing great. I’m not using the gym membership much now. I knew I probably wouldn’t use it much while I’m working. I plan to use it a lot more later this year. Time will tell whether the membership was a waste of money.
      Planet Fitness is so cheap it wouldn’t take much use to get your money’s worth out of a membership there. If there was a PF in my small town I would have joined there.


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