February Expenses – $1556.93

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for February.


My February expenses were quite a bit higher than January. That was due to some expensive maintenance on my car. Without the car repair my expenses would have been under the $1000 mark.

My only entertainment expense was my Regal Unlimited monthly membership fee. I saw three movies for that price and redeemed a coupon for a free popcorn so the membership was a good deal this month.

Transportation expense was for gas and $632 of repairs on my car. I had to get new back and front brakes, including new rotors for the front, and two new front tires. I think I could have gotten the repair done cheaper in southern Missouri where I will relocate at the end of April. It didn’t seem wise to put off fixing my brakes for that long though. My car still needs new struts, I’ll get that repair done sometime this summer. Hopefully, I won’t need any more expensive repairs the rest of the year.

My travel expense consisted of $40.20 in taxes and fees on an airline award ticket. I redeemed 30,000 American Airline miles for a business class ticket from Tokyo to Singapore to Bangkok. The cash price would have been thousands of dollars so that was a great deal. Now, I’m worried I won’t be able to travel to Japan due to the coronavirus. I’m keeping my plans the same for now.

My food expense was about $20 lower than the previous month and the previous month was the first time I got my food expense under $200 in many months. Towards the end of the month I could see that I was easily going to beat the previous month and splurged a bit the last couple of days. Otherwise, I would have had an even lower food bill. Having two fewer days in the month helped too. I intend to get my food expense even lower this month.

My phone bill was normal. It will usually be in the $28-$35 range and I expect it be in that range this month.

My health expense was for one month’s dues for a fitness center membership and $78 for a dentist visit. I have another dentist visit this month. I’m not sure what it will cost. I’m hoping it won’t be too much more expensive than the previous visit.

Household expenses were down quite a bit from the previous month since I didn’t have any big purchases for the month. The household expense consisted of doing my laundry at the laundromat and buying mouthwash and flossers.

This month I have a good chance of keeping my expenses under $1000. Assuming I don’t have any big, unexpected expenses like a car repair. How was your month?

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