January 22-31 Spending Report

The last half of the month I got very lazy with keeping up to date on these spending reports. I also got very lazy about not eating junk food and fast food. This month was a significant improvement from December. That said, I know I can do a lot better and plan to do so in February.

Jan 22 – spent $5.46 on 2 sausage egg & cheese Mcmuffins and a large Dr Pepper at Mcd’s. This was a breakfast before work. I really need to stop having these since in addition to costing me money for the meal it also causes me to arrive at work about an hour later costing me an hour of wages.

Jan 23 – Spent $8.25 for a double steakburger w/ cheese combo at Freddy’s. I did limit myself to only having Freddy’s twice this month. Since Freddy’s is my favorite I should probably have it more often (maybe once a week) and cut out 2 or 3 other fast food meals a week instead.

Jan 24- Spent $2.08 at Savealot for BBQ Kettle chips. I gave in to my craving for chips. I spent $4.36 at Burger King for a 2 bacon cheeseburger combo.

Jan 25 – I spent $29.75 at Aldi for a 3 lbs of oranges, peanuts, soup, fries, frozen pizza, salsa, buffalo wings, cheese melt, tortilla chips, 8 pack burritos, 2 lbs grapes, oatmeal, and package of dried cranberries.

Jan 26 – I spent $2.75 on laundry. I spent $5.37 on 2 sausage egg & cheese Mcmuffins and a large Dr Pepper at Mcd’s. I need to eat or bring snacks when I do laundry so I won’t end up eating at Mcd’s while I’m waiting for my laundry to be done. I also spent $8.84 on a large popcorn at the movies. This is a very poor value and I need to stop buying it.

Jan 27 – I broke the string of bad spending days and didn’t spend any money today.

Jan 28- The string of no spending days was short lived. I spent $5.47 on a 2 jr breakfast burrito combo at Burger King. I spent $1 for a bag of Cheetos from the vending machine.

Jan 29 – I spent $3.27 at Burger King on a double cheeseburger combo.

Jan 30 – I spent $5.46 on 2 sausage egg & cheese Mcmuffins and a large Dr Pepper at Mcd’s. I’ve got to stop having this breakfast. I spent $6.27 at Dollar General for 2 bags of Doritos and a package of peanut clusters.

Jan 31 – I spent $5.46 at Jack in the Box for a Triple Cheeseburger combo. This was breakfast before work so it also cost me about an hour of wages. I’m going to stop having these meals in February. When you add in the hour of lost wages the pre-work meals ending up costing me over $25. That’s not a good deal for a fast food meal.

Well, I did stay with my commitment to track every bit of my spending for the month even though that spending included an embarrassing amount of junk food and fast food for the last half of the month. Looking back at what I ate over the month it is no wonder that I’m overweight and out of shape.

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