January 2-5 2020 Spending Report

As I stated in my previous post I’m going to share here on the blog everything I spend money on this month. My January 1st expenses were included in the previous post. Below are my January 2-5 expenses.

January 2 – I didn’t spend any money this day.

January 3 – I spent $4.54 on a two bacon cheeseburger combo at Burger King. This purchase was planned ahead of time. The BK restaurant is right at the bottom of the steps to my tax job. Purchasing my lunch at the BK and eating it as I was commuting to my doc review job saved me some time compared to going elsewhere for lunch.

I spent $1 on peanut M&Ms from the vending machine. I was craving some kind of dessert and bought the M&Ms to satisfy that craving. I should probably buy some sort of small dessert to take with me to work to save a little money and a few calories.

I also spent $3.14 for a bag of Taco Doritos (the best flavor of Doritos.) This purchase should have been avoided. I had a three hour drive from KC to southern Missouri and I like to snack while I’m on a long drive. This desire could have been foreseen and a cheaper snack could have been purchased ahead of time. I don’t feel too bad about the purchase though since I did really enjoy the Doritos and I still have half the bag left to enjoy with tomorrow’s lunch.

January 4 – I didn’t spend any money this day.

January 5 – I spent $4.30 on a 4 for $4 meal at Wendy’s. This consisted of a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, 4-piece chicken nuggets, French fries, and a Coke Zero. This purchase was also planned ahead of time. One of my simple pleasure in life is leisurely eating a meal while reading a newspaper or magazine. Since I knew I wouldn’t have time during the upcoming week to have a leisurely meal like this I went ahead and had it today.

I spent $20.01 on gasoline. Since my car was almost empty and I will need gas to return to KC tomorrow I went ahead and purchased gas today. I didn’t fill it all the way up since gas is about twenty cents a gallon more expensive here than in KC.

So far I think I’m doing pretty good with my spending with 2 out of 5 days having no spending. The fast food meals should become less frequent. I’m going to try to post these spending reports daily on days that have spending.

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