Jan 6-7 Spending Report

January 6 – I spent $2.35 at a gas station for a large soda and package of mini donuts. It was predictable that I would want a snack and soda when driving back to KC. I should have purchased something from the grocery store the previous day to save a little bit of money and perhaps have something a little bit healthier.

January 7 – I spent $3.41 at Burger King for a 10 piece chicken nugget and large fry. I had intended to redeem a coupon for a free Whopper I had in the BK app, but it had disappeared from the app when I was ready to redeem it. I made this slightly more expensive purchase instead. My plan for this month was to limit fast food to 3x a week. I had fast food 3x in the first 7 days of this month so I’m on track so far.

I spent $27.72 to fill up my tank with gas at Sam’s Club. The tank was almost empty from the drive back to KC. There won’t be any more long trips this month. I fill up my tank every Sunday to make sure I have enough gas for my weekly commute.

2 thoughts on “Jan 6-7 Spending Report”

  1. We made a road trip this week and send $2.87 for one small and one large coffee. Lunch at our destination and dinner out when we got back to town, $50 total with tips for the day and 1/2 tank of gas.


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