January 8-11 Spending Report

January 8 – I spent $2.18 at Dollar Tree for a package of BBQ Kettle chips and a package of nutty bars for snacks. I spent $5.51 at Save-a-Lot for pack of peanut butter & cheese crackers, a bag of cheese curls, a Totino’s frozen pizza, and a Lunchable. I spent too much on junky snacks. I need to start buying healthier snacks.

I spent $42.45 for taxes and fees for a Premium Economy flight on Virgin Atlantic from Hong Kong to London. This also cost 22,500 VA miles which I got from signing up for the VA credit card. I think this is a fantastic value for my miles since this flight would cost about $1500 paying cash. This is about a 13 hour flight. It will be my first time flying a long-haul flight in anything other than economy. The increased comfort flying in PE should be well worth the extra miles spent.

January 9 – I spent 95 cents for on street parking for my dentist appointment and spent $70 for a cleaning at the dentist. I also spent $3.41 for a double cheeseburger combo at Burger King. Although I brought my lunch I still wanted more food and ended up getting fast food.

January 10 – I spent $8.25 for a double steakburger with cheese combo at Freddy’s. This is my favorite fast food place, but it is a bit more expensive. That is why I’ll be eating there less frequently and figuring out how to reduce the cost when I do eat there. This expense was unplanned. I thought my job was providing lunch, but I misread my schedule and it was actually the next Friday they will be providing lunch. I was planning on having Freddy’s on the weekend and moved it up to Friday instead.

I spent $14.13 at Save-a-Lot on 2 cans of vegetable soup, potato chips, French onion dip, break and bake chocolate chip cookies, a package of 40 pizza rolls, and a six pack of microwave popcorn. I really need to stop buying so much junk food and start buying healthier food. I’m not going to buy any more chips this month since they are unhealthy and I tend to binge eat them. The rest of the month I need to buy primarily fruits, vegetables and natural foods.

January 11 – Since I’ve spent too much on junk food and fast food the past few days I won’t be spending any money on food or anything else today.

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