August Expenses – $1341.16

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.

Student Loan$132.58

My August expenses were once again much higher than I would have preferred. My spending has been a little out of control since returning from Thailand. I’ve had more self-control the past few days so I think I can make this month a better spending month.

Internet made up most of the household expense. I have to pay $50 a month for four months and after that my internet will be free as long as I stay in my apartment.

Entertainment was all for movies and concessions. I signed up for Regal Theatre’s Unlimited Movie Pass and they charged both the August and September charges in August. October’s payment isn’t scheduled until October 2. If I can keep from buying concessions I should be able to see several movies this month and still have no entertainment expense for the month.

The transportation expense was all for gas. I visited my Mom a couple of times and drove for Uber which inflated this expense a bit. Although I won’t be driving for Uber my gas expense will probably be about the same this month. The commute for my document review job will keep my gas expense high.

My food expense was even more ridiculous than last month. My eating was out of control. I was buying junk food and fast food all of the time. I’ve now gained back 17 of the 18 pounds I lost while in Thailand. This month I will eat much less and start losing weight again. I should be able to cut this expense in half.

My travel expense was for the taxes for redeeming a free hotel night. My round trip air from Kansas City to Bangkok and 5 other hotel nights cost me nothing out of pocket since I used credit card rewards. This month I need to book some intra-Thailand flights which will cost me some money so this expense will go up quite a bit this month.

My phone bill had a little more data usage than normal since I drove for Uber several days. This month it should return to a normal level.

My health expense was for one month of health insurance and one month’s dues for a fitness center membership. This expense should be about the same this month.

Now that I’m back to work I think I’ll be able to get my expenses under control. The overall expense level this month might not go down much since I need to pay some travel expenses for next month’s Thailand trip. However, the wasteful spending on entertainment and food should be much less. How was your month?

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