Food/Spending Diary #1

This morning I went to the fitness center and had a short workout. After that I once again had a craving for breakfast sandwiches. I ended up going to Mcdonald’s and having two breakfast sandwiches and a large Diet Coke. That cost me a total of $5.40. I’m going to have to start having breakfast before I leave in the morning or just not take any money with me so I won’t have the option of going out for breakfast.

I stayed at the Mcd’s for a long time, reading a magazine and getting refills on my soda. I prefer Coke Zero to Diet Coke. This location didn’t have Coke Zero, but that didn’t seem to cause me to drink any less soda.

After returning home I laid down and read a book for a while. As I was sipping on my last refill of Diet Coke that I took home, I decided some Doritos would go really well with the remaining Diet Coke. I was craving Taco Doritos, but I knew the stores closest to me didn’t carry that variety. I was too lazy to go to the store three miles away that has Taco Doritos and settled for purchasing Nacho Cheese Doritos at the store that is less than a mile from me. The store close to me also has a lower regular price for Doritos. The bag of Doritos cost $2.61 with tax.

After getting home I proceeded to eat the entire bag of Doritos while reading and drinking the rest of my Diet Coke. I might have a little problem with binge eating. Although I enjoyed the first few bites of chips, by the time I was at the bottom of the bag I was just mindlessly shoveling them in. Once I start eating a bag of chips I have a hard time stopping before they are all gone. I need to stop buying chips or only buy very small bags.

I read all afternoon. Late afternoon, I decided to have a potato. Although I wasn’t hungry I thought it would be good to have something in my stomach besides the Doritos to help calm my stomach. I stuck a potato in the microwave for five minutes. It wasn’t quite done so I put it back in for three more minutes. That was way too long. I probably should have only put it back in for one more minute. I tried to eat the potato but it was too overcooked to be edible. That concluded my eating for the day. Not having the potato after I was anticipating having one has me wanting to eat a potato now. Maybe I will have one for breakfast tomorrow.

In addition to the fast food meal and chips, I also bought a scale from Amazon. My thought is that weighing myself more frequently might lead me to take action to lose weight. The scale was bought with a free gift card I got from Swagbucks so I’m not adding the purchase to my daily spending.

After the potato fiasco, I walked to the library and returned the book I had finished reading during the afternoon. From the library I walked to the park and walked the one mile trail around the park. I live in a very walkable area and should walk more than I do.

Today wasn’t a great day for eating. Although I didn’t spend much, the spending I did do was unnecessary. Today might have been a tiny bit better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be better.

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