June Income – $251.07

Here is a breakdown of my income for June.

Amazon FBA($5.48)
Capital Gains$234.59

My income was quite low again this month . This was to be expected since I am unemployed while in Thailand and I don’t currently earn much from my alternative sources of income. At least June’s income was better than May’s income and even this meager income is almost enough to pay a month’s rent in Thailand. I hope to return to work this month and get at least one paycheck which will make this month a better income month.

Amazon FBA income was negative for the month. I had one sale which was later returned costing me a little over $5 in fees. This month I will send in more inventory to Amazon and should have at least a little bit of profit.

My online income was $0. I did earn a tiny bit of affiliate income from Amazon. That income won’t be counted until it is actually paid. I’m considering making a new wager with HealthyWage and blogging about the process which will hopefully lead to some affiliate commissions. My links for Bluehost (aff link) and  (aff link) Hostgator for web hosting didn’t result in any commissions. I’ll keep trying. I need to do some review posts or something different to create interest.

My dividend income was about the same as the previous month. It will probably be about the same again this month.

Capital gain income was from selling some shares of Red Hat. I also got one free share of stock from Robinhood from a referral. That will be a capital gain for this month since I didn’t get around to selling the free share during June. If you sign up using my Robinhood referral link we will both get one share of free stock. Thanks to anyone who signs up using my link. Every little bit helps.

How was your month?

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