June Expenses – $1847.57

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.

Student Loan$132.58

My June expenses were well over my target of $1000 for the month. That was due to having almost $1000 of dental work done in June. Without the dental bill my monthly expense total would have easily been under $1000.

An electric bill of just under $90 made up most of the household expense. The remaining amount was for laundry, a haircut, gifts, and personal hygiene items.

Rent was extremely low since most of June’s rent was paid in May. The reported rent expense amount was for three hotel nights.

Entertainment was for four movies, a Thai massage, and lunch with my girlfriend. That’s a pretty good amount of entertainment for less than $60.

There was no transportation expense in June. I did use local taxis in Pattaya a few times but I decided to include them in travel expenses. This month I will be returning to the States and driving my car so there will be at least a little bit of transportation expense.

My food expense was higher than I’d prefer. It might be my most expensive food month ever. That was expected since I knew I’d be eating at a lot of Western restaurants during the month. I ate out every day, sometimes twice a day. I also bought imported Cheetos and Pepperidge Farm cookies a couple of times during the month. These cost quite a bit more than the Thai versions. Even though I ate a lot of fast food and junk food I still managed to lose weight. This month I expect my food expense to decrease considerably since I’ll be home the second half of the month.

My biggest travel expense was $60 for a thirty day extension to my visa. The other travel expenses were a round-trip plane ticket, a one-way plane ticket, three regional bus tickets, and a few taxi fares.

My phone bill was higher than normal due to using data more often when I didn’t have access to wifi. I should have signed up for a Thai phone plan while I was here. Pausing my Google plan and using the Thai plan while here would have saved me at least $20 and would have only taken about ten minutes to sign up. My laziness cost me a bit of money here.

I got a dental implant during the month which cost me $931.13. I need to come back in 3-6 months to get a crown which will cost me an additional $250 or so. My remaining medical expense was $132.58 for medical insurance and $23.49 for a blood and urine test confirming I’m disease-free.

Considering I got a dental implant during June my monthly expense total was quite low. In the US just paying for the dental implant would have cost more than double what I spent for the implant plus all my normal monthly expenses. Getting dental work done in Thailand pretty much offsets the cost of traveling there for me.

July’s expenses will be lower since I won’t have a big dental bill. My guess is that my monthly expense total will be well under $1000 this month. How was your month?

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