Swell Investing $50 Referral Bonus

Swell Investing is a robo-advisor service that lets you invest in high-impact, high-potential companies that are focused on a positive future. There are six thematic impact portfolios that you can invest in.

You can currently get started investing with Swell Investing with a minimum investment of just $50 and you can get a $50 bonus if you sign up using my referral link. The bonus will be paid out after you have maintained your account for 90 days.

It is easy to sign up with Swell Investing. I was able to open my account in less than 10 minutes. I’ve decided to stop chasing smaller account sign up bonuses. However, I think a $50 bonus is worth pursuing. Especially when it is quick and easy to sign up.

My money has been divided between the clean water, zero waste, renewable energy, green tech, healthy living, disease eradication and Impact 400 portfolios. I have no idea if this is a good investment, but in the few days I’ve had the account open it is up slightly. Since I only invested $50 and I’ll be receiving a $50 bonus in 90 days my chance of having a positive return is quite good.

Once you sign up they currently have a promotion where you can receive a $300 bonus for referring 3 others to invest with Swell. That is why I’m hoping at least 3 people sign up for Swell Investing using my referral link. That referral bonus would give me a very good return for my investment.  There is a max of 18 referrals allowed. I doubt I will hit that limit, but it would be nice if I did.

Swell Investing is backed by Pacific Life so they are a legit company. There are no trading fees. They make their money from a 0.75% annual fee applied to your investments.  That would just be a 38 cent fee on a $50 balance.  There is no fee to close your account if you wish to close it after receiving your bonus.

If you are interested in signing up for Swell Investing and receiving the $50 bonus please consider using my referral link.

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