October Income – $173.42

Here is a breakdown of my income for October.

Interest $5.93
Amazon FBA $1.78
Job $0
Cash Back $10.33
Dividends $5.38
Online Income $150
Total $173.42

October’s income was better than September’s although still a tiny amount. Since I don’t have a job while I am in Thailand my income does not add up to much. If I want to come back to Thailand next year I need to get a lot better at generating online income or finding another source of income to replace my job income while I’m out of the country.

This month my income will probably about the same. I’ll be returning to the U.S. the week of Thanksgiving. My tax job won’t resume until sometime in December though.  If I’m lucky I will be able to get a temporary document review job to work until my tax job starts. If not I will drive for Uber and see what else I can do to make some money.

Since I won’t be returning to work until at least the last week of November I won’t actually receive a paycheck in November.  Thus, my income earned in November won’t be received until December so it won’t be until next month that my income will get back to a reasonable level.

3 thoughts on “October Income – $173.42”

  1. Did you keep your apartment in KC? I assume not so you don’t have expenses in both places. Will you have to go through the expense of renting a new place with first and last months rent, etc? It has been interesting reading about the China experiences.

    • You are correct, I did not keep my apartment in KC which kept me from having to pay rent in both places. When I get back I will have to find somewhere to live. I’m glad to hear that my Thailand experiences have been interesting reading.

      • Oops, Chiang Mai. Hope the transition back to KC goes smoothly. Responsibilities, pets, etc always seem to be my big hurdle with travel. I have friends who are traveling for 14 months to see if they can make it a sustainable lifestyle with internet and side hustles. They have rented out their house and are fortunate to have parents who love their little dog. 4 months in Europe and then a month in MO. 4 months in Mexico/Colombia then a month in MO. 4 months in Asia. The Europe part wouldn’t be sustainable, but less expensive parts of the world may work.


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