April Expenses – $1237.35

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.

Household $30.95
Rent $435
Entertainment $35.81
Transportation $245.02
Food $164.29
Travel $0
Phone $23.98
Health $302.30
Total $1237.35

My April expenses were pretty low. I came close to making my monthly goal of $1000.  I had a $245 car repair and almost $200 in medical bills. Without those I would have easily made the $1000 goal. Both my car and my body did need some maintenance and putting that off could have resulted in a much larger bill in the future so I”m okay with those bills.

My monthly food expense was slightly lower than the previous month. This was mostly due to some free meals at work.  I didn’t do much myself to bring the food total down. At this point, I should expect my monthly food bill to be $150 to $175. Rather than worrying about the total I will concentrate on eating healthier.  This month I will be hiking most of the month which will mean I’ll be eating a lot of snack foods and at whatever restaurant is most convenient to the trail. The food probably won’t be too healthy, but at least I’ll be getting a lot of exercise. I expect my food expense while hiking to be about the same as when I’m at home.

My transportation expense consisted solely of a car repair. I didn’t have any gas or other car expenses in April. The car maintenance I had planned was quite a bit more expensive than I was expecting so I only got some of the maintenance done. If I get the rest done this month it will be an expensive transportation month. If I put it off until I’m back from the hike, then this will be a cheap transportation month.

Since I’ll be hiking most of this month it is difficult to predict what level of expenses I’ll have this month. Since a lot of my travel expenses have already been paid I think my monthly expenses should be close to normal. It will just depend on whether I spend more on travel than planned or some unexpected expenses pop up. Now that I’m no longer working I will need to keep a close eye on my spending for the next several months.

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