April Income – $7792.84

Here is a breakdown of my income for April.

Amazon FBA$119.58
Cash Back$11.95
Credit Card Bonus$70
Credit Card Other$100

April was another amazing month for income. Although it wasn’t as great as March it was still pretty great. I didn’t have the benefit of three paychecks in April like I did in March so it isn’t surprising the total was lower. I did receive an end of season bonus so even with one last paycheck I came close to March’s record income. The tax season overtime made for some very nice checks. Although I will hate to see the overtime end, I was starting to get a little burnt out so things probably worked out just about right.

This month’s income will be way down. I will get one last paycheck. It will just be for a partial week. It won’t be anywhere near as big as the paychecks during tax season. I’m looking forward to getting the big paychecks again next tax season. Until then I will watch my expenditures carefully and see if I can figure out some other ways to make money.

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