March Expenses – $2206.26

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for March.

Household $60.70
Rent $435
Entertainment $16.45
Transportation $317.13
Food $179.61
Travel $553.26
Phone $25.27
Health $112.89
Student Loan $505.95
Total $2206.26

My March expenses were a little high. I did not come close to making my monthly goal of $1000.The high expense total this month was due to making a $500 payment on my student loan and having over $500 of travel expenses. The travel expense includes the annual fee on credit card that will provide me with over $500 of points towards travel, an Amtrak ticket from KC to Massachusetts, airfare from KC to L.A., airfare from Boston to KC, $50 of Uber credit, and a business class airfare from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok. Some of the domestic airfare was paid with a gift card I got as a gift. In addition to the travel I paid for in March, I also booked a free round-trip ticket from Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur, a free night at a LAX hotel, and two free nights at a Kuala Lumpur hotel. I think I got a lot of value for the money I spent on travel.

My monthly food expense was too high once again.  March’s food expense was a couple of dollars higher than February.  I say this every month, but I still think I can do better.   I have quite a bit of food to eat at home and I’ll get several free meals at work this month so it really shouldn’t be too hard to reduce my food expenses.

My transportation expenses were a little high due to a couple of Uber rides, paying for 6 months of insurance, and buying a gas card. I shouldn’t have any gas expense in April or May.

I’m planning on having a car repair performed this month. Other than that I don’t plan on having any unusual expenses so my expenses should get back down to around the $1000 level. Although my expenses were higher than normal in March, I’m okay with that since I got a lot for what I spent and the money spent this month will reduce what I spend in future months.

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