March Income – $8206.85

Here is a breakdown of my income for March.

Interest $4.11
Amazon FBA $427.49
Cash Back $47.65
Online ($15.77)
Job $7743.37
Total $8206.85


March was an amazing month for income. Last month I said February was probably the most I’ve ever made in a month in my life. March was definitely the most I ever made in a month. It will be a tough one to top.

I made $7743 from my job. That was the product of working about 20 hours a week overtime and having three paychecks during the month.  I’ve been allocating most of my paycheck to my 401k. This helps boost my income a little by reducing the taxes taken out of the check.

My other sources of income didn’t add up to much. I’m okay with that. Since I’m working so many hours at work there isn’t much time left to spend on other things. For now it makes sense to take the guaranteed return from OT at work and neglect my online and FBA businesses. During my time off later this year I will work on building them back up.

My FBA income wasn’t too bad due to finding one product that made me almost $200 in profit. Online income was actually a loss due to having to pay to renew a domain name and still not making any money this year. I’ll eventually get an Adsense payout so my online business will make at least a little money.

This month will be a good month for income. It will be a lot less than in March though due to only having the normal two paydays this month. April will be my last month for big paychecks with lots of overtime so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.


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