January Expenses – $3377.77

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for January.

Household $18.93
Rent $435
Entertainment $62.45
Transportation $46.21
Food $178.50
Travel $0
Phone $25.74
Health $2610.94
Total $3377.77


My January expenses were very high. This was due to having to pay an over $2500 medical bill. Otherwise I easily would have made my monthly goal of $1000.  I have another medical bill of $165 this month and hopefully there won’t be anymore for a while after that.

My monthly food expense was too high once again.  I was going to keep my eating out expenses to a budgeted amount, but abandoned that plan once I hit my budgeted amount early in the month. This month I will once again be targeting my food expenses and I expect to have success this time.

Other than that my expenses this month should be about the same as last month.


5 thoughts on “January Expenses – $3377.77”

  1. So nice that comments are working again… I thought it was just me who was being labeled spam. Hope your health is okay, Andy. Overall your expenses were very low so kudos on keeping frugal.

  2. Great job on keeping your expenses low. Do you get any ACA subsidies by any chance? We had a high deductible plan last year but lowered our income (by maxing out our retirement accounts) to qualify for the advanced premium tax credits and now get the silver plan with low deductibles for cheap.

    • I have an employer plan now so I don’t receive any subsidies. I was getting the PTC last year until I got employer coverage. It was a better deal than my employer plan.


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