December Income – $3081.25

Here is a breakdown of my income for December.

Interest $2
Amazon FBA $391.12
Cash Back $21.22
Online $208.34
Credit Card Bonus $108.91
Credit Card Other $150
Job $2199.66
Total $3081.25


December’s income was pretty good. I managed to make over $800 from my non-job sources of income. My job income was down a little due to taking advantage of the ability to have extra unpaid time off at Thanksgiving.

This month is the start of the tax season which means that I will have overtime hours available the second half of the month. That paycheck won’t be received until February so the increased job income won’t show up until then. I doubt I’ll be able to make as much from my non-job sources of income this month.  This year I intend to increase the money I make from credit card and bank bonuses, and to increase my FBA income as well. This month will likely be a decrease from December, but it should still be a decent month.


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