December Expenses Plus Year End Net Worth

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for December.

Household $22.16
Rent $435
Entertainment $116.10
Transportation $77.51
Food $151.25
Travel $0
Phone $24.96
Health $246.82
Total $1073.80


December was a another good month for expenses. I would have made my monthly goal of $1000 if it were not for medical expenses. That is getting to be a recurring theme.  I have a very large medical bill that I need to pay over the next couple of months so the theme of medical bills making me miss my target expense level will continue for a while. There is nothing I can do about the medical bills I’ve already incurred, but I’m going to be much smarter about medical expenses this year.  I need to stop incurring these medical expenses which never seem to improve my health.

My monthly food expense was too high again. The total was a little lower at least.  This month I’m setting a budget of $50 for eating out. I have a fair amount of food in my apartment so it will be easy to keep my food expense low if I don’t spend more than my allotted amount going out to eat.

The entertainment expense was a little high due to buying a discounted Hulu gift card to prepay for a few months of Hulu. There was also a dinner expense that I put in the entertainment category.  Other than that my expenses this month should be about the same as last month.

2017 Year End Net Worth


  • Cash – $3139
  • IRA  – $35441
  • Roth – $1743
  • Solo 401k – $3306
  • Stuff – $2000
  • HSA – $1100


Student loan – $117,743

My total assets of $46,729 minus my liabilities of $117,742 results in a net worth of $-71,013.  I managed to increase my net worth by about $15,000 this year.  With the stock market contributing 20% returns the result should have been better, but the roughly $7200 a year interest on my student loan makes it difficult to make progress.  A $15,000 increase on about $40k income isn’t too bad I guess.  I plan to do better this year.

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