April Income – $3118.58

Here is a breakdown of my income for April.

Qapital $5
Interest $5.66
Gift $100
Amazon FBA -$21.20
Cash Back $99.46
Job $2929.66
Total $3118.58

April’s income was pretty good. It was down a fair amount from March.  That was expected due to March having three paydays and April only having the normal two.  I didn’t make much money from my alternative sources of income.  I actually managed to lose a bit on Amazon. This was my second month in a row of having no online income or expense. In June I will work on trying to get my online and FBA income back up.

May’s income will be down substantially.  The combination of being on sabbatical from my job and spending three weeks in Europe will result in very little money being earned in May.

If any of you have suggestions on how to make money on the side I’d love to hear them.

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