April Expenses – $846.55

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.

Household $450
Entertainment $0
Transportation $183.08
Food $128.23
Travel $0
Phone $25.15
Health $60.09
Total $846.55


April was a great month for expenses. My total expenses were well below my target of $1000 for the month. I didn’t have much in unusual expenses this month.

I had to get my car inspected and register it for two more years. I also bought a $100 gas card. Those two expenses made my transportation expense a little high. Since I won’t be paying for gas again for a couple of months and the car is registered for two years I am okay with this expense.

I didn’t have any travel or entertainment expense.  I went to the movies once and used a gift card that was reported in my expenses a few months ago so there was no new expense to report for April. I also made a couple of small travel purchases for this month’s trip to Europe. Those expenses were reimbursed by my Chase Sapphire card so there was no expense to report there.

I’ve decided to list my student loan expense separately since it will throw off my monthly numbers. In April I paid $8416.07 towards my student loan.  I consider that great progress on paying my student loan.  That will be the last month with big payments for a while.  I’ll only be making one small payment in May and I probably won’t be able to pay anything in June. In July, I’ll be able to start making payments again. They just won’t be multiple thousands of dollars like the last two months were.

This month I”m going to be in Europe for three weeks.  I expect that will result in a much higher expense total for May.  Since I’ve already paid for a lot of the trip expenses, I don’t think that the total will be too bad though. I’m not going to worry too much about spending money on this trip. It might be a once in a lifetime trip for me and I want to enjoy it.

How was your month?

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