March Expenses – $1547.53

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for March.

Household $451.08
Entertainment $18
Transportation $261.57
Food $130.54
Travel $471.81
Phone $24.60
Health $189.93
Total $1547.53


March was an okay month for expenses. I paid for six months of car insurance which raised my transportation expenses. I also had a lot of travel expenses. Some of that was for my upcoming Europe trip, but most of it will be used for a future, not yet planned trip.  I think I’ll get a lot of value for the money spent. Since I’m supposed to be concentrating on my paying my student loans I shouldn’t be spending so much on travel.  The trip to Europe might be a once in a lifetime trip and I’ll be getting a lot of travel for the money spent so I don’t feel too bad about it.

I’ve decided to list my student loan expense separately since it will throw off my monthly numbers. In March I paid $10,077.96 towards my student loan. Of that amount $7000 of that total was from a credit card balance transfer which will have to be paid back over the next year. That leaves $3077.96 that I paid in cash for the month. I consider that great progress on paying my student loan. I won’t be able to keep up that rate for long.

I have to get my car inspected this month and I plan to have some other work done on it while it is in the shop so I’ll probably have a high transportation expense this month.  I don’t think I’ll spend much on travel this month so that category should go down quite a bit. Everything else will probably stay about the same.

How was your month?

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