March Income – $4113.49

Here is a breakdown of my income for March.

Qapital $15
Interest $5.82
Bank Bonus $93
Amazon FBA $45.80
Cash Back $32.36
Job $3921.51
Total $4113.49

March’s income was really good. That was mainly (okay, entirely) the result of having three paydays in March. It was a good thing I made a lot at my job because my alternative sources of income produced very little in March.  I didn’t make any online income. My Amazon income was tiny due to not having a lot of stock and selling some of the remaining slow-moving products at a loss.  Although I’d like to see my alternative sources of income do better, I am mainly focused on my job right now. Since it produces a better and guaranteed return on my investment of time it makes sense to concentrate my energy there. Once I start my sabbatical at the end of this month I’ll work on producing more income from my alternative sources of income.  To pay off my student loan as quickly as I’d like I need to make a lot of money from my job and from my alternative sources of income.

If any of you have suggestions on how to make money on the side I’d love to hear them.

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