December Income – $2587.59

Here is a breakdown of my income for December.

Qapital $5
Interest $1.79
Online Income $105.85
Amazon FBA $2453.72
Cash Back $21.23
Total $2587.59

My December income was pretty good. Amazon sales go crazy from the last half of November through Christmas and I was able to send in quite a bit of inventory to benefit from those sales. December was my most profitable month on Amazon FBA so far. I hope I’m able to send in more inventory and do even better next holiday season. If I was able to make this much every month from FBA I wouldn’t need any other sources of income. If I was able to make this kind of money from FBA and  earn a full-time job income I’d be doing really great.

FBA income will be way down this month now that the holiday sales are over. Also, I won’t be sending in much inventory this month since my time will be taken up by my job. On the plus side, I will be working full-time this month and will make a decent amount of money. I’ll only get one paycheck  this month so my income will actually be lower this month. It should be a nice amount higher the next three months though. I plan to build up a nice cushion of savings in order to be able to travel and/or do whatever the rest of the year without being overly worried about money.

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