Tips And Tricks For Passing The Financial Portion Of The CPA Exam

If you’re preparing to take the CPA test, you may think that the whole process can be overwhelming. Not only is the test difficult to pass, but you have to study and prepare for four different sections that have equal importance. The entire exam is quite comprehensive, so you have to learn a lot, and learn it well, to pass with flying colors.

Fortunately, you don’t have to kill yourself with all-night study sessions, as we have compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to use. In this article, we’ll focus on the Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) section, which goes over maintenance of your client’s finances so you can report them to the government properly. These tips come from CPA tutors, so make sure that you make this part of your CPA study material.

Take FAR First

If you talk to most people who have passed the CPA test, they all recommend that you start with this section because it is the longest and it’s good to get out of the way. Because this part takes the longest to study for, and you have a limited amount of time to take all four sections, you want to utilize your time wisely. This way, you can study as much as you want before you start the clock on your CPA exam.

Don’t Rush Studying

Because FAR is the biggest section of the exam, you have to spend the most time studying it. The concepts are not very difficult, but there is a lot to learn. Don’t try to speed things along or skip over things and hope that you won’t see them on the test. It’s far better to go slow and steady for this section.

Learn the Layout

Before you take the test, it is a great idea to learn what parts will be on it so that you can prepare yourself better. The sections of FAR are conceptual framework, financial statement accountants, specific transactions events and disclosures, and accounting for government and private entities.

Overall, when it comes to CPA tutoring you can check out CPA Exam Guy. They offer several different resource for studying for the CPA exam. You may want to take your time and move forward once you’ve mastered each section. This will ensure that you will be well prepared to pass the entire exam.


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  1. Huh? I don’t understand your interest in this topic. Are you preparing to take the exam? And it’s over your by-line, yet the text refers several times to “we”? Did you write this or is it lifted wholesale from some uncredited source? Not that I mind that you printed it — I just think the post would have benefited from some context.

  2. Been there done that, in the days when you had to pass two parts to condition and it was paper and pencil. First attempt passed law, tax and audit. Passed Financial the 2nd go round. Grades low of 78 in law to 93 in audit.

    Yeah I don’t think you would qualify to take the exam as I don’t recall your mentioning any classes in accounting. The qualifications to sit were fairly stringent also.


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