Impact Health $25 Online Health Research Study

Impact Health is paying qualified participants $25 for completing a short health insurance research study online. If you sign up through my referral link I will get $25 for referring you and you will receive $25 for successfully completing the study. To qualify for the study you must have purchased health insurance directly from an insurance company or through the online marketplace. If you have your health insurance through your employer then you will not qualify for the study.

I completed the study a couple of weeks ago and found it be pretty simple and it only took about 10 minutes. They paid me in less than a week. You do have to share information about your health insurance and upload a photo of your health insurance ID card. If you’re not comfortable sharing this information then the study isn’t for you. I thought it was an easy $25.

Once you have completed the study Impact Health will send your payment via PayPal, Venmo, or any other format you choose within a few days. They will also send you links so you can refer people to the survey as well. In addition to referral links like the one in this post they have links for Twitter and Facebook. Not only can you make $25 for completing the survey you also have the potential to make $25 when you refer your friends to complete the study.  There is no limit to how many friends can participate in the study. You receive your money for referrals on either the 1st or the 15th of the month.

Health Insurance Research Study Referral Link

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