July Income – $1862.26

Here is a breakdown of my income for July.

Job $102.27
Interest $1.40
Online Income $67.50
Amazon FBA $588.34
Mystery Shop $18
Cash Back $1036.50
Survey $48.25
Total $1862.26

My income was pretty good in July considering I only had one day of pay from my document review job. The big contributor to my income this month was cash back. As part of Discover’s double cash back promotion I received $983.16 in cash back. This represented a match of all the cash back I had earned from Discover in the past 12 months. That was a pretty good return for a five-minute phone call to sign up for the promotion.

My FBA income finally came back to a decent level. It should be a lot higher this month. A hardware store near me went out of business and I bought a ton of stuff at 50% off.

I also completed a health insurance research study that paid me $48.25 after PayPal fees. That was a very good return for about ten minutes of time. The survey was a random find on Craigslist. I’ll have to check the Etc. category more often.

The health insurance research study has another study that will pay you $25 if you sign up through my referral link. I’ll get $25 for referring you as well.

My cash back income will be a lot less this month. I’m thinking I will be able to make up the reduction in cash back income with increased FBA income and online income. If I can make about the same amount this month as in July I will be okay with that result.

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