July Expenses – $1447.14

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for July.

Household $419.50
Entertainment $38
Transportation $58.83
Food $132.43
Student Loan $37.71
Travel $605.46
Phone $36.79
Health $118.42
Total $1447.14

My July expenses were a little higher than I would prefer.  The higher expenses were due to my $605 of travel expenses which were mainly from my shortened  hiking trip. Since the travel expenses paid for two nights hotel, a two-day train trip, a one day rental car, a taxi, and several bus fares it is a reasonable number.  Since I didn’t get many miles hiked which was the purpose of the trip the expense was mostly a waste of money. On the bright side the July travel expense is also covering my round-trip airfare from Kansas City to Las Vegas. I’ll be staying three nights and have one free night and should be able to book two more nights at a very low rate. The Vegas vacation will be very cheap as long as I don’t lose too much gambling.

I have a doctor and a dentist appointment this month which will make my health expense higher. The other expenses I expect to stay about the same this month. I think I have a good shot at keeping my expenses under $1000 this month.

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