October Income – $4078.20

Here is a breakdown of my income for October.

Online Income $0
Interest $4.15
Other Bonus $32.52
Amazon FBA $275.41
Job $3716.12
CC Bonus  $50
Total $4078.20


October was a great month for income. This was due to receiving three full paychecks during the month since the month had five Fridays.  Unfortunately, that job is over and I most likely won’t be working another job until tax season starts in January. I’ll need to significantly increase my Uber and FBA income to make up for the loss of the job income.

I didn’t have any Uber income last month since I was working full-time and didn’t want to spend my off hours driving for Uber. My FBA income fell significantly from the previous month since I didn’t put much time into it.  I also spent some of my FBA profits on an ungating service which will allow me to sell in a couple more Amazon categories. That should lead to increased profits. I’d like to get to $1000 monthly profit this month. That amount of profit is reasonably achievable. It is just a question of whether I will have enough cash flow to be able to buy enough stuff to sell to reach that level of profit.

This month’s income will be much less, but I’m hoping my income will at least exceed my expenses.

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