October Expenses – $1319.76

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for October.

Household $628.18
Entertainment $31.93
Transportation $199.85
Food $127.51
Student Loan $183.86
Travel $0
Phone $36.79
Health $111.64
Total $1319.76


My October expenses were a little high due to a couple of big expenses. One expense was my car insurance bill. This bill was expected. Paying $199.85 for six months of car insurance breaks down $33.30 a month which isn’t a bad deal. Luckily, I didn’t have any other transportation expenses in October so the transportation category of expenses was still a reasonable total.

The other big expense was the purchase of a new laptop.  This was an unexpected expense. I knew my laptop was getting old but I was hoping to get another year or two out of it. Unfortunately, it now gets stuck in a loop of trying to load Windows when I turn it on. This is probably fixable and I’ll eventually get this fixed so I can get things off of the laptop. Since that laptop was running very slowly and didn’t have much life left I decided to go ahead and purchase a new laptop. Even though I got a bargain basement model it is a lot faster than my old laptop. I’m happy I decided to purchase the new laptop.

My other expenses were pretty much normal. This month will see a large increase in the health category since I’ll be paying down my biopsy bill. There might be a large transportation expense as well. My expenses definitely won’t be below my $1000 target this month, but hopefully I can get things set up so that I’ll have very low expenses to start the next year.

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